jec12026-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docWord document24KAppendix S1. Nuclear DNA ploidy content assessment by flow cytometry.
jec12026-sup-0002-AppendixS2.docWord document1766KAppendix S2. Assessment of Leaf Area Loss (LAL) and Total Leaf Area (TLA) by analysing leaf pictures with ImageJ software.
jec12026-sup-0003-AppendixS3.docWord document76KAppendix S3. Schematic representation of the sampling design used for floristic inventories.
jec12026-sup-0004-TablsS1.docWord document206KTable S1. List of all invertebrates harvested on Fallopia japonica in Japanese and French sites, with the damage they may cause to F. japonica according to literature data and to expert knowledge.

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