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Figure S1. Generalised Diversity-Interactions models compared with other BEF functions in communities in which all species present have the same relative abundance and where richness is up to 75 species.

Table S1. Relationship between the diversity effects in the Generalised Diversity-Interactions models and other models of BEF.

Table S2. Details of various models fitted to datasets from Exp1 to Exp7 and tests between the models.

Appendix S1. Various forms of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function (BEF) are approximated by Generalised Diversity-Interactions models with specific values of θ.

Appendix S2. Brief description of experiment and modelling results for seven datasets.

Appendix S3. Details of Generalised Diversity-Interactions models, their analysis and interpretation.

Appendix S4. Data for example of analysis of Generalised Diversity-Interactions models.

Appendix S5. Code for the analysis of Generalised Diversity-Interactions models using SAS/STAT®.

Appendix S6. Code for the analysis of Generalised Diversity-Interactions models using R.

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