Figure S1. Quadrat trait optima in each quadrat for growth compared to survival.

Figure S2. Four metrics designed to test evidence for environmental filtering based on trait diversity metrics.

Figure S3. Model of growth selection along an axis of leaf area.

Figure S4. SLA - growth.

Figure S5. Leaf Succulence - growth.

Figure S6. Height - growth.

Figure S7. Wood density - growth.

Figure S8. PC1 - growth.

Figure S9. PC2 - growth.

Figure S10. Leaf area - survival.

Figure S11. SLA - survival.

Figure S12. Leaf succulence - survival.

Figure S13. Maximum height - survival.

Figure S14. Wood density - survival.

Figure S15. PC1 - Survival.

Figure S16. PC2 - Survival.

Table S1. List of 110 tree species on the study plot in 2004 and 2009.

Table S2. Cross-trait correlations (Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient).

Table S3. Correlation (Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient) between environmental variables and the first five principal components of environment.

Table S4. Posterior estimates for selected parameters.

Table S5. Mean stem standardized trait value correlations to standardized quadrat environments (general linear model), stratified by tree size class.

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