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Figure S1. Linear-mixed models fitted to mean growth (residual indices) series of Iberian Pinus uncinata forests during the 20th century.

Figure S2. Frequency of trees as a function of the percent of the variance in tree-ring growth indices (R2) explained by linear-mixed effects models.

Table S1. Geographical, topographical and ecological characteristics of the sampled Pinus uncinata sites.

Table S2. List of the 36 assessed linear-mixed effects models of tree-ring width index (RWI), as a function of climatic variables.

Table S3. Statistical parameters of the selected linear-mixed effects climatic models fitted to residual ring-width indices for all trees and for each studied site and considering the subperiods 1901–1947 and 1948–1994.

Table S4. Significant relationships between environmental and tree variables and the tree growth-index responses to monthly climatic variables.

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