Fig. S1. Jackknife analysis of Irina II environment clusters using 100 permutations. Calculations were performed using unweighted (A) and weighted normalized (B) UniFrac algorithms. The inner nodes are coloured as follows: red for 75–100% support, yellow for 50–75%, green for 25–50%, blue for < 25% support. For subsample nomenclature, see Table S1.

Fig. S2. (A) Unweighted and (B) weighted normalized UniFrac algorithms were used for PCoA with subsamples from Irina II in the Logatchev and clustered according to the sequencing runs. Sequencing run 1 is colour-coded in red, sequencing run 2 in blue and sequencing run 3 in orange. The first three principal coordinates are plotted, and the axes are scaled according to the percentage variation explained by the corresponding coordinate.

Fig. S3. Cell counts in the five samples.

Fig. S4. Shannon diversity indices calculated from a set of rarefactions of the five samples.

Table S1. Nomenclature of the subsamples from the different sites segregated according to the PCR and the sequencing run.

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