Fig. S1. Mean growth rates (μ) of V. sinaloensis and V. vulnificus strains. All V. sinaloensis strains as well as V. vulnificus BFC W1 were isolated from environmental samples. Vibrio vulnificus CMCP6 and 33147 were obtained from laboratory stocks and represent biotypes 1 and 2 respectively. μ was assessed in triplicate for each species. Error bars reflect standard deviations. For each condition, asterisks indicate strains which showed significantly higher growth rates than other strains of both species within a particular set of conditions, evaluated using Tukey's post hoc test. The number symbol (#) indicates a strain which showed a significantly different growth rate than both other strains of the same species. Other significant strain-specific differences between species (e.g. Vs Oy 1-3 and Vv 33147 in seawater at 37°C) are not indicated.

Table S1. Mean values and standard deviations of physicochemical parameters at each sampling site. Values in parentheses show the range for each parameter.

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