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Fig. S1. Phylogenetic positions of magnetotactic Deltaproteobacteria. Phylogenetic tree, based on 16S rRNA gene sequences, showing the positions of the magnetotactic Deltaproteobacteria under study (bold) including Desulfovibrio magneticus, strain FH-1, strain ML-1, Candidatus Desulfamplus magnetomortis and Ca. Magnetoglobus multicellularis compared with magnetotactic bacteria from other classes or phylum (grey). Bootstrap values (higher than 50) at nodes are percentages of 100 replicates. Accession numbers are given in parentheses. Bar represents 5% sequence divergence.


Fig. S2. Multiple sequence alignment of MamL homologues found in magnetotactic Alpha- and Deltaproteobacteria.


Fig. S3. Phylogenetic tree based on amino acid sequences of the CDF proteins MamM and MamB, involved in magnetosome formation. The FieF protein from Escherichia coli K12 was used as an out-group. Phylogenetic reconstruction was based on maximum likelihood algorithm. Bar represents the percentage of sequence divergence.


Fig. S4. Representation of the MamT* protein found in Candidatus Desulfamplus magnetomortis. MamT* appears to be a composite of 5 proteins (MamP1, MamT, OMM_15, OMM_14 and OMM_13) present in the greigite gene cluster of Ca. Magnetoglobus multicellularis.


Table S1. Homologues of the Mad proteins of the magnetotactic Nitrospirae Candidatus Magnetobacterium bavaricum from Ca. Desulfamplus magnetomortis strain BW-1, Desulfovibrio magneticus strain RS-1, strains FH-1, ML-1 and Ca. Magnetoglobus multicellularis. Proteins are classified in the order they appear in the genome of Ca. M. bavaricum (% coverage, e-value, maximum identity).


Table S2. Magnetosome genes present in the putative magnetosome gene islands of different cultured magnetotactic bacteria of the Alphaproteobacteria class that biomineralize cuboctahedral or elongated prismatic magnetite magnetosomes.


Table S3. Magnetosome genes present in the putative magnetite gene cluster of different cultured magnetotactic bacteria of the Deltaproteobacteria class that biomineralize bullet-shaped magnetite magnetosomes.

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