Fig. S1. Abundance of bacteria in soils during three years of sampling. The analysis was performed using quantitative PCR for the 16S rRNA coding gene in DNA, normalized to one gram of dry soil. The horizontal bars indicate the duration of the irrigation season, when no both irrigation types were applied.

Fig. S2. Rarefaction curves of all samples. Sample names indicate the treatments FW or TWW, the month and year (MMYY) and repetition (a-c).

Table S1. One way ANOVA results of the comparison between relative abundances of the different Phyla. A significance difference is considered in case of P < 0.05.

Table S2. Tukey Post-Hoc test showing the pairwise differences between samples. The Post-Hoc results are presented only for groups that resulted in significance level under 0.05 in the ANOVA test.

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