Fig. S1. Details of the SQDG biosynthetic pathway.


Fig. S2. Phylogenetic clustering of putative UDP-SQ synthase (sqdB gene-coding protein) included in Fig. 1 and the closely related metagenomic sequences (pBLAST e-value 1e−50 with marine microbiome metagenomes included in IMG/M). Number code (1–18) corresponds to the metagenome project as indicated in Table S2. The phylogenetic tree was inferred by maximum likelihood with the LG + G + I model of protein evolution. Branch support was calculated with the approximate likelihood ratio test (aLRT) and indicated on the branches if > 50%. This is a topographic representation, and the branches are not proportional to the evolutionary distance between sequences.


Fig. S3. Details of aLRT branch support of cluster 1 cyanobacteria in Fig. 1.


Table S1. Bacterial and microalgae species in which sulphoquinovosyldiacylglycerols (SQDGs) have been reported.

Table S2. Metagenome projects from marine microbiomes in IMG/M used in this study.

Table S3. Primers for sqdB gene sequences of the phylum Cyanobacteria (clusters sqdB1A–B, and sqdB2A), and α-Rhodobacterales and α-Rhizobiales groups (cluster sqdB2B).

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