Books received


Books received:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Bateman, Anthony, Brown, Dennis & Pedder, Jonathan. Introduction to Psychotherapy. An Outline of Psychodynamic Principles and Practice.

Psychological Medicine

Campling, Frankie & Sharpe, Michael. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME). The Facts.

Curwen, Bernie, Palmer, Stephen & Ruddell, Peter. Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Childs, Hal. The Myth of the Historical Jesus and the Evolution of Consciousness.

Falzeder, Ernst & Brabant, Eva (eds.). The Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Sándor Ferenczi.

Genova, Paul. The Thaw. 24 Essays in Psychotherapy.

Keve, Tom. Triad: the Physicists, the Analysts, the Kabbalists.

Sidoli, Mara. When the Body Speaks. The Archetypes in the Body.