Book Reviews


Geoff Lindsay and David Thompson (eds), Values into Practice in Special Education

Luanna H. Meyer, Hyun-Sook Park, Marquita Grenor-Sheyer, Ilene S. Schwartz and Beth Harry (eds), Making Friends, the Influences of Culture and Development

Robert Phillips, History Teaching, Nationhood and the State: a Study in Educational Politics

Ian Stronach and Maggie MacLure, Educational Research Undone: the Postmodern Embrace

Jane Kenway and Sue Willis with Jill Blackmore and Leonie Rennie, Answering Back: Girls, Boys and Feminism in Schools

William A. Corsaro, The Sociology of Childhood

Graham Haydon, Teaching about Values: a New Approach

Sally Tomlinson (ed), Education 14–19: Critical Perspectives

Andy Hargreaves and Roy Evans (eds), Beyond Educational Reform: Bringing Teachers Back In

Joe Kincheloe and Shirley Steinberg, Changing Multiculturalism

Cedric Cullingford (ed), The Politics of Primary Education

K. Kennedy (ed), Citizenship Education and the Modern State

Bill Atweh, Stephen Kemmis and Patricia Weeks, Action Research in Practice: Partnerships for Social Justice in Education

David Galloway, Colin Rogers, Derrick Armstrong and Elizabeth Leo, Motivating the Difficult to Teach

Richard Smith and Paul Standish (eds), Teaching Right and Wrong: Moral Education in the Balance

Brian Sutton-Smith, The Ambiguity of Play