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Evaluating the impact of the new National Award for SENCos: transforming landscapes or gardening in a gale?


  • Dominic Griffiths,

  • Rachel Dubsky

Address for correspondence:

Dr Dominic Griffiths

Manchester Metropolitan University – Faculty of Education

Manchester M20 2RR




This study, authored by Dominic Griffiths and Rachel Dubsky, both of Manchester Metropolitan University, considers the impact of the new National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (NASENCo) in one English local authority. Data on the impacts upon both SENCos' personal professional development and upon their schools are drawn from semi-structured interviews with six SENCOs, their headteachers and one colleague from each of their schools. Factors that appear to have enhanced or modified the impact of the training are identified. The article discussed, firstly, the emerging theme of SENCos' own perceptions of their role, and then the implications of the study's findings for future NASENCo course design.

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