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Children with epilepsy: a review of the international literature using a quality of life lens


  • Jillian Roberts,

  • Cheryl Whiting-MacKinnon

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 Jillian Roberts

 University of Victoria – Faculty of Education

 P.O. Box 3010


 British Columbia




Epilepsy affects between 0.3 and 0.6% of Canadian children aged 18 years and younger, and is one of the most frequently diagnosed neurological disorders among children in Canada as well as Europe. As such, it is likely that teachers will experience having a child with epilepsy in the classroom. Understanding how best to support children with epilepsy can contribute to their positive adaptation and quality of life. This article, written by Jillian Roberts and Cheryl Whiting-MacKinnon of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, reviews literature examining the social, emotional, physical and academic effects of epilepsy on children's lives, and explores the implications of these effects for their quality of life and school experiences.