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An evaluation of the collaborative mode of professional development for teachers in special schools in Hong Kong


  • Fuk-chuen Ho,

  • Michael Arthur-Kelly

Address for correspondence:

 Dr Fuk-cheun Ho

 Hong Kong Institute of Education – Department of Special Education and Counselling

 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po 0000

 Hong Kong



This study, by Fuk-chuen Ho of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Michael Arthur-Kelly of the University of Newcastle, aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a professional development programme for in-service teachers in Hong Kong special schools. The goal of the programme was to deliver a field-based mode of training for teachers in special schools. A school cluster system was set up, with the goal of providing participants with a platform through which it is possible to conduct an interactive exchange of ideas, resources, services and expertise, mutually addressing the issues pertaining to children with special needs. Twelve school clusters were organised. Participants in this study included four educators from teacher training institutions, 31 expert teachers from supporting schools, and 101 trainees from participating schools. The most significant response came from trainees, because the participating schools had the opportunity to apply the learned skills in their own classrooms.