• (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder;
  • primary school teachers;
  • teachers' awareness

The aim of this study was to explore primary school teachers' awareness and knowledge of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder ((C)APD). Teachers' awareness and knowledge are crucial for initial recognition and appropriate referral of children suspected of having (C)APD. When a child is diagnosed with (C)APD, teachers have a role in implementing and monitoring the effectiveness of interventions. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to 53 primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. Findings indicated that 89.1% of participants reported poor/very poor awareness, while 92% reported poor/very poor knowledge of (C)APD. Results were compared with specific data obtained from a similar study carried out simultaneously in Northern Ireland. Overall, the majority of the participants reported that they have poor/very poor awareness and knowledge of (C)APD. These findings emphasise the need to establish training programmes for teachers and ultimately to support the provision of an appropriate service for children with (C)APD.