Book Reviews


Books reviewed in this article:

Robert Brenner, The Boom and the Bubble: The US in the World Economy

Anthony Forster, Euroscepticism in Contemporary British Politics: Opposition to Europe in the British Conservative and Labour Parties since 1945

Martin Holmes (ed.), The Eurosceptic Reader

Dick Leonard and Mark Leonard (eds.), The Pro–European Reader

Ben Pimlott and Nirmala Rao, Governing London

Jean L. Cohen, Regulating Intimacy: A New Legal Paradigm

Michael Newman, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left

Kate Berridge, Vigor Mortis: The End of the Death Taboo

Peter Clarke, The Cripps Version: The Life of Sir Stafford Cripps

Tom Bentley and Daniel Stedman Jones (eds.), The Moral Universe

Richard Lindley, Panorama: Fifty Years of Pride and Paranoia

Gøsta Esping–Andersen with Duncan Gallie, Anton Hemerijck and John Myles, Why We Need a New Welfare State

Reinhard Heinisch, Populism, Proporz, Pariah: Austria Turns to the Right. Austrian Political Change, its Causes and Repercussions