Book Reviews


Books reviewed in this article:

Roger Colls, Identity of England

Richard Weight, Patriots: National Identity in Britain, 1940–2000

Ken Jones, Education in Britain 1944 to the Present

David Bruce MacDonald, Balkan Holocausts? Serbian and Croatian Victim-Centred Propaganda and the War in Yugoslavia

Geoff Eley, Forging Democracy: The History of the Left in Europe, 1850–2000

Susan Giaimo, Markets and Medicine: The Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany and the United States

Caleb Carr, The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare against Civilians—Why it Has Always Failed, and Why it Will Fail Again

Christopher May, The Information Society: A Sceptical View

Peter Mangold, Success and Failure in British Foreign Policy: Evaluating the Record, 1900–2000

David Archard and Colin M. Macleod (eds.), The Moral and Political Status of Children

Philip Bobbitt, The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace and the Course of History