Book Reviews


Antonio Hill, Locality and Identity: Environmental Issues in Law and Society

Ian Fry, Yearbook of International Environmental Law 1998

Augustine Njamnshi, The Yearbook of International Cooperation on Environment and Sustainable Development 1999/2000

R.V. Anuradha, The Commercial Use of Biodiversity

Carolina Lasén Díaz, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade and Biodiversity

Silvia Schikhof, The Living Ocean: Understanding and Protecting Marine Biodiversity

Paulo Amaral and Michael Redclift, Marine Specially Protected Areas: The General Aspects and the Mediterranean Regional System

David Grimeaud, The Transition to Sustainability: The Politics of Agenda 21 in Europe

Norman J. Vig, Environmental Policy in the European Union

David Grimeaud, Droit Européen de l’Environnement