Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Felix Dodds, Earth Summit 2002: A New Deal

Catherine Redgwell, Intergenerational Trusts and Environmental Protection

Ellen Hey, Reflections on an International Environmental Court

Carsten Schmidt, Designing International Environmental Agreements: Incentive Compatible Strategies for Cost-Effective Cooperation

Steinar Anderson, Tora Skodvin, Arild Underdal and Jorgen Wettstad, Science and Politics in International Environmental Regimes: Between Integrity and Involvement

Alan Russel and John Vogler, The International Politics of Biotechnology: Investigating Global Futures

Han Somsen, The Yearbook of European Environmental Law, Volume I, 2000

Petr Pavlinek and John Pickles, Environmental Transition: Transformation and Ecological Defence in Central and Eastern Europe

A. Abramson and D. Thoedossopoulos, Land, Law and Environment: Mythical Land, Legal Boundaries