Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Nina: Kul'turnyi mif zolotogo veka russkoi literatury v lingvisticheskom osveshchenii, byPen'kovskii, A. B.

See No Evil: Literary Cover-Ups and Discoveries of theSoviet Camp Experience. Russian Literature and Thought, by Tolczyk, Darius.

Sight and Sound Entwined: Studies of the New Russian Poetry, by Janecek, Gerald.

Voices of Russian Literature: Interviews with Ten Contemporary Writers, byLaird, Sally.

English Counter Russian: Essays on Criticism of Literary Translationin America, by Sendich, Munir.

Brief Lives: A Handbook of MedicalPractitioners in Muscovy, 1620–1701, by Unkovskaya, Maria V.

TheRussians. The People of Europe, by Milner-Gulland, Robin.

AlexanderHerzen und die Schweiz: Das Verhältnis des russischen Publizisten und Aristokraten zureinzigen Republik im Europa seiner Zeit, by Bontadina, Nadja.

MakingPeasants Backward: Agricultural Cooperatives and the Agrarian Question in Russia,1861–1914, by Kotsonis, Yanni.

Siberian Survival: The Nenets andTheir Story, by Golovnev, Andrei A. and Gail Osherenko.

A History of theSoviet Union from the Beginning to the End, by Kenez, Peter.

ReinterpretingRussia, by Hosking, Geoffrey and Robert Service, eds.

A Prayer for theGovernment: Ukrainians and Jews in Revolutionary Times, 1917–1920, byAbramson, Henry.

Imagining Russian Jewry: Memory, History, Identity, byZipperstein, Steven J.

The Tsar's Colonels: Professionalism, Strategy, andSubversion in Late Imperial Russia, by Rich, David Alan.

Zabytaiakar'era “russkogo Mol'tke”: Nikolai Nikolaevich Obruchev(1830–1904), Airapetov, Oleg Rudol'fovich.

Russian Voices onthe Kennebec: The Story of Maine's Unlikely Colony, by Jaster, Robert S.

The Great Urals: Regionalism and the Evolution of the Soviet System, by Harris,James R.

Entangled in Terror: The Azef Affair and the Russian Revolution,by Geifman, Anna.

Plans for Stalin's War Machine: Tukhachevskii andMilitary-Economic Planning, 1925–1941, by Samuelson, Lennart.

TheFifty Year War: Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War, by Friedman, Norman.

Interpreting America: Russian and Soviet Studies of the History of American Thought, by Ryder, John.

Russian Workers: The Anatomy of Patience, by Ashwin,Sarah.

Russia's Workers in Transition: Labor, Management and the Stateunder Gorbachev and Yeltsin, by Christensen, Paul T.

The Transition fromCommunism to Capitalism: Ruling Elites from Gorbachev to Yeltsin, by Lane, David andCameron Ross.

Agriculture and the State in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia. PittSeries in Russian and East European History, by Wegren, Stephen K.

Queerin Russia: A Story of Sex, Self, and the Other, by Essig, Laurie.

ConsumingRussia: Popular Culture, Sex, and Society since Gorbachev, by Barker, Adele Marie, ed.

Russia's Air Power in Crisis, by Lambeth, Benjamin S.

Marriages in Russia: Couples during the Economic Transition, by Vannoy, Dana, et. al.