Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Thomas A. Sebeok, Global Semiotics

Ceil Lucas (ed.), The Sociolinguistics of Sign Languages

Alison Wray, Formulaic Language and the Lexicon

Chris Barker and Dariusz Galasinski, Cultural Studies and Discourse Analysis. A Dialogue on Language and Identity

Stanton Wortham, Narratives in Action: A Strategy for Research and Analysis

Carmen Silva–Corvalán, Sociolingüística y pragmática del español

M. Teresa Turell (ed.), Multilingualism in Spain: Sociolinguistic and Psycholinguistic Aspects of Linguistic Minority Groups

Dennis Ager, Motivation in Language Planning and Language Policy.

Aled Jones and Bill Jones, Welsh Reflections: Y Drych and America 1851–2001

Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Marianna Spanaki (eds.), A Reader in Greek Sociolinguistics—Studies in Modern Greek Language, Culture and Communication