Book Reviews


Books reviewed in this article:

Penelope Eckert and John R. Rickford (eds.), Style and Sociolinguistic Variation

Richard Watts and Peter Trudgill (eds), Alternative Histories of English

Shana Poplack (ed.), The English History of African American English

Urszula Clark, War Words: Language, History and the Disciplining of English

Beverley A. Lewin, Jonathan Fine and Lynne Young, Expository Discourse: A Genre–based Approach to Social Science Research Texts

Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Marianna Spanaki (eds.), A Reader in Greek Sociolinguistics – Studies in Modern Greek Language, Culture and Communication

Maya Khemlani David, The Sindhis of Malaysia: A Sociolinguistic Study

Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen, Multimodal Discourse: The Modes and Media of Contemporary Communication