Sociology of Health and Illness – New Writer’s Prize

The Editorial Board of Sociology of Health and Illness offers an annual prize of £300 for the best article published by a novice writer. When the Journal was first conceived, in 1979, one of its stated aims was the encouragement of new authors and less-experienced medical sociologists. The prize furthers this aim, and is made possible through the generosity of the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness. The Judges are a small subcommittee of the Editorial Board. The prize is awarded, where possible, at the BSA Medical Sociology conference each year. The Editorial Board would like to offer their congratulations to Elizabeth Szewczuk of the Department of Sociology, University of Essex, who is the winner of the prize for 2012.

Previous prizewinners include:

Volume 14 (1992): Marc Berg for The construction of medical disposals: medical sociology and medical problem solving in clinical practice (14, 2, 151–80)

Volume 15 (1993): Gillian Bendelow for Pain perceptions, emotions and gender (15, 3, 273–94)

Volume 16 (1994): Hilary Arksey for Expert and lay participation in the construction of medical knowledge (16, 4, 448–68)

Volume 17 (1995): Michael Shiner for Adding insult to injury: homelessness and health service use (17, 525–49)

Volume 18 (1996): Roland Svensson for The interplay between doctors and nurses: a negotiated order perspective (19, 3, 379–98)

Volume 19 (1997): Davina Allen for The nursing-medical boundary: a negotiated order? (19, 4, 498–520)

Volume 20 (1998): Julia Lawton for Contemporary hospice care: the sequestration of the unbounded body and ‘dirty dying’ (20, 2, 121–43)

Volume 22 (2000): Clare Williams for Alert assistants in managing chronic illness: the case of mothers and teenage sons (22, 2, 254–72)

Volume 23 (2001): Derrol Palmer for Identifying delusional discourse: issues of rationality, reality and power (22, 5, 661–78)

Volume 23 (2002): No prize awarded

Volume 24 (2003): Sita Reddy for Temporarily insane: pathologising cultural difference in American criminal courts (24, 5, 667–87)

Volume 25 (2004): Yvette Jean for Inclusive intake screening: shaping medical problems into specialist-appropriate cases (26, 4, 385–410)

Volume 26 (2005): Emily Kolker for Framing as a cultural resource in health social movements: funding activism and the breast cancer movement in the US 1990–1993 (26, 6, 820–44)

Volume 28 (2006): Beth Jennings for The politics of end-of-life decision making: computerised decision-support tools, physicians’ jurisdiction and morality (28, 3, 350–75)

Volume 29 (2007): Tsipy Ivry for Embodied responsibilities: pregnancy in the eyes of Japanese ob-gyns (29, 2, 251–74)

Volume 29 (2008): Peter Riley Bahr for Race and nutrition: an investigation of Black-White differences in health-related nutritional behaviours (29, 6, 831–56)

Volume 30 (2009): Fabian Cataldo for New forms of citizenship and socio-political inclusion: accessing antiretroviral therapy in a Rio de Janeiro favela (30, 6, 900–12)

Volume 32 (2010): Brian Fair for Morgellons: contested illness, diagnostic compromise and medicalisation (32, 4, 597–612)

Volume 33 (2011): Marie Flinkfeldt for ‘Filling one’s days’: managing sick leave legitimacy in an online forum (33, 5, 761–76)

Volume 34 (2012): Elizabeth Szewczuk for Age-related infertility: a tale of two technologies (34, 3, 428–43)