Wanted - New Book Reviewers


  • Rose Barbour,

  • Moira Kelly

Is there a recently published book you’d like to get your hands on? There may be no such thing as a free book, but in return for a review of 800 words that coveted volume can be yours. SHI publishes reviews of new books (i.e. first editions only) dealing with a wide range of topics relevant to medical sociology, whether these are theoretical contributions or reports of empirical research. Books reviewed can be monographs or edited collections, but SHI does not publish reviews of methodological books. We also welcome reviewers from a variety of related disciplines (such as anthropology, geography, psychology, nursing etc.).

For PhD students and early career academics book reviewing can provide an excellent introduction to writing for an academic audience. Looking at a book through the lens of a reviewer gives insights into the process of writing for different constituencies, how to judge contributions to a specific field, structuring arguments, or maintaining the thread of edited collections. This can offer invaluable lessons that can be translated into more effective writing – whether your task is report writing or writing for peer-reviewed journals – or even writing a monograph yourself.

If you would like to become involved in reviewing for the journal, please contact one of our book reviews editors in the first instance to check if the book falls within SHI’s remit and that we haven’t already published, or scheduled, a review on it: