Politics of love: narrative structures, intertextuality and social agency in the narratives of parents with disabled children


Address for correspondence: Halvor Hanisch, Oslo University Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pb 4956 Nydalen, N-0424 Oslo, Norway
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Recent research has highlighted how parental narratives can be important in the resistance against disabling processes. This article contains analyses of enabling language in narratives published by Scandinavian disability rights organizations. First, drawing on the work of Fisher and Goodley, I point out that the material constitute a threefold: normality narratives, resistance narratives, and narratives that demonstrate an appreciation of the present and the child’s individual alterity. Second, I demonstrate that the last narrative draws on Romanticism rather than linguistic resources from disability culture. Third, I show that these narratives are hyperboles – texts that strengthen and emphasise the valuation to the point where the narrative structure transcends narrative consistency. Fourth, drawing on the work of Kristeva, I argue that this form of narration constitutes an intimate politics of love.