The Method of Interactive Writing and University Pedagogy



For many years now, specialists in learning have remarked that a specific method of writing is used for the elaboration of interactive multimedia systems. This method of writing, which I qualify as interactive, has a primary objective: facilitating information access for the user. In this paper I propose an analysis of the different elements that characterize this method of writing and, more specifically, the different ways in which this new method can be integrated into the elaboration of magistral university courses without using any added computer technology. The professor would then resemble a multimedia system while the students would be the users of this system. This new method of writing and pedagogical structure would be highly propitious for the stimulation of exchange and interactivity, while leaving students the possibility to choose a structure of the presentation that best fits the group. However, for this to happen we must first envisage the possibility of adapting certain multimedia learning methods, recognized as functional, to the more conventional learning methods that the classroom represents.