• A.I.;
  • Bladerunner;
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi;
  • death;
  • denial;
  • finitude;
  • freedom;
  • Gattaca;
  • Donna Haraway;
  • imagination;
  • Stanley Kubrick;
  • Steven Spielberg;
  • technology;
  • Alan Turing

Technology is a mirror that reflects human nature and intentions: (1) we want certain things done and we want tools to do those things; (2) we are finite, frail, and mortal; (3) we create technology in order to bring alternative worlds into being; (4) we do not know why we create or what values should guide us. Imagination is central to technology. Human nature and human freedom are brought into focus when we reflect on the central role of imagination in technology.