Finding Antichrist: Apocalypticism in Nineteenth-Century Catholic England and the Writings of Frederick Faber


  • Cadoc Leighton

  • Douglas H. Shantz, “Millennialism and Apocalypticism in Recent Historical Scholarship,” in Prisoners of Hope? Aspects of Evangelical Millennialism in Britain and Ireland, 1800–1880, edited by Crawford Gribben and Timothy F. C. Stunt (Bletchley: Paternoster Press, 2004), 20 and 24–37.

Cadoc Leighton is an Associate Professor of European History at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.


The article discusses the apocalyptic beliefs of the nineteenth-century English Oratorian and devotional writer, Frederick Faber, though initially providing a context among earlier and contemporary English Catholic apocalyptic writers. It proceeds, by means of a consideration of Faber's conscious de-secularisation of language, to give an account of his identification of the elements of a transvalued contemporary popular concept of modernity as the signs of apocalyptic crisis. The article as a whole is intended to provide an aid to the perception and understanding of a pervasive apocalypticism in nineteenth-century English-speaking Catholicism.