Exact Repetition as Input Enhancement in Second Language Acquisition


Eva Dam Jensen, Romansk Institut, Københavns Universitet, Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 København S, Denmark. Internet: dam@hum.ku.dk.


This study reports on two experiments on input enhancement used to support learners’ selection of focus of attention in second language listening material. Eighty-four upper intermediate learners of Spanish took part. The input consisted of video recordings of quasi-spontaneous dialogues between native speakers, in tests and treatment. Exact repetition and speech rate reduction were examined for their effect on comprehension, acquisition of decoding strategies, and linguistic features. Each of three groups listened to each utterance of the dialogue three times, in different speed combinations: fast-slow-fast, fast-slow-slow, fast-fast-fast, respectively. A fourth group served as a baseline and received no treatment. Comparisons of pretest and posttest scores showed significant effects for all three parameters. No difference with regard to effect could be established between treatment conditions.