Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Manfred F. Boemeke, Roger Chickering, Stig Förster (eds.), Anticipating Total War: The German and American Experiences, 1871–1914

Sidney Fine, Expanding the Frontiers of Civil Rights: Michigan, 1948–1968

Ted Robert Gurr, People Versus States: Minorities at Risk in the New Century

Paul Hollander, Political Will and Personal Belief: The Decline and Fall of Soviet Communism

Andrew Kohut, John C. Green, Scott Keeter, and Robert C. Toth, The Diminishing Divide: Religion’s Changing Role in American Politics

Shawn William Miller, Fruitless Trees: Portuguese Conservation and Brazil’s Colonial Timber

Marc Mulholland, Northern Ireland at the Crossroads: Ulster Unionism in the O’Neill Years, 1960–1969.

Dickson A. Mungazi, In the Footsteps of the Masters: Desmond M. Tutu and Abel T. Muzorewa

Jennie Purnell, Popular Movements and State Formation in Revolutionary Mexico: The Agraristas and Cristeros of Michoacán

Ruth Rosen, The World Split Open: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America

William Shawcross, Deliver Us From Evil: Peacekeepers, Warlords and a World of Endless Conflict

George Warecki, Protecting Ontario’s Wilderness: A History of Changing Ideas and Preservation Politics, 1927–1973