Book reviews

  • See also David Patrikarakos, Nuclear Iran: the birth of an atomic state, pp. 219–20.

  • See also Hevina S. Dashwood, The rise of global corporate social responsibility: mining and the spread of global norms, pp. 187–8.

  • See also Francis Sejersted, The age of social democracy: Norway and Sweden in the twentieth century, pp. 198–9; Adekeye Adebajo and Kaye Whiteman, eds, The EU and Africa: from Eurafrique to Afro-Europa, pp. 225–7.

  • See also Guy Vanthemsche, Belgium and the Congo 1885–1980, pp. 210–11.


Books reviewed in this issue

International Relations theory

Hugo Grotius on the law of war and peace: student edition. Edited and annotated by Stephen C. Neff.

Thinking International Relations differently. Edited by Arlene Tickner and David L. Blaney.

International organization, law and ethics

Governing the world: the history of an idea. By Mark Mazower.

The dictator's learning curve: inside the global battle for democracy. By William J. Dobson.

The rise of global corporate social responsibility: mining and the spread of global norms. By Hevina S. Dashwood.

Sacred aid: faith and humanitarianism. Edited by Michael Barnett and Janice Gross Stein.

Global corruption: money, power and ethics in the modern world. By Laurence Cockcroft.

Monitoring democracy: when international election observation works, and why it often fails. By Judith G. Kelley.

Conflict, security and defence*

The glorious art of peace: from the Iliad to Iraq. By John Gittings.

The responsibility to protect: rhetoric, reality and the future of humanitarian intervention. By Aidan Hehir.

War from the ground up: twenty-first-century combat as politics. By Emile Simpson.

Governance, civil society and cultural politics

The net delusion: how not to liberate the world. By Evgeny Morozov.

The age of social democracy: Norway and Sweden in the twentieth century. By Francis Sejersted.

Radical: my journey from Islamist extremism to a democratic awakening. By Maajid Nawaz.

Governance by indicators: global power through quantification and rankings. Edited by Kevin E. Davis, Angelina Fisher, Benedict Kingsbury and Sally Engle Merry.

Political economy, economics and development

Aftermath: the cultures of the economic crisis. Edited by Manuel Castells, João Caraça and Gustavo Cardoso.

Energy, environment and global health*

The oil road: journeys from the Caspian Sea to the City of London. By James Marriott and Mika Minio-Paluello.

Oil. By Gavin Bridge and Philippe Le Billon.

Economies of recycling: the global transformation of materials, values and social relations. Edited by Catherine Alexander and Joshua Reno.

Bad pharma: how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients. By Ben Goldacre.

International history

Belgium and the Congo 1885–1980. By Guy Vanthemsche.

Iron curtain: the crushing of Eastern Europe 1944–1956. By Anne Applebaum.

The Cold War and after: history, theory, and the logic of international politics. By Marc Trachtenberg.


Helmut Kohl: eine politische Biographie. By Hans-Peter Schwarz.

Good Italy, bad Italy: why Italy must conquer its demons to face the future. By Bill Emmott.

Russia and Eurasia

Russia and the cult of state security: the Chekist tradition, from Lenin to Putin. By Julie Fedor.

The last dictatorship in Europe: Belarus under Lukashenko. By Brian Bennett.

Middle East and North Africa

Nuclear Iran: the birth of an atomic state. By David Patrikarakos.

Everyday Arab identity: the daily reproduction of the Arab world. By Christopher Phillips.

Qatar: a modern history. By Allen J. Fromherz.

Exit Gaddafi: the hidden history of the Libyan revolution. By Ethan Chorin.

The Arab uprising: the unfinished revolutions of the Middle East. By Marc Lynch.

Sub-Saharan Africa*

The EU and Africa: from Eurafrique to Afro-Europa. Edited by Adekeye Adebajo and Kaye Whiteman.

Warfare in African history. Richard J. Reid.

South Sudan: from revolution to independence. By Matthew LeRiche and Matthew Arnold.

South Asia

Still counting the dead: survivors of Sri Lanka's hidden war. By Frances Harrison.

East Asia and Pacific

China's remarkable economic growth. By John Knight and Sai Ding.

Is China buying the world? By Peter Nolan.

North America

Foundations of the American century: the Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller foundations in the rise of American power. By Inderjeet Parmar.

Sword of the spirit, shield of faith: religion in American war and diplomacy. By Andrew Preston.

Latin America and Caribbean

Raúl Castro and Cuba: a military life. By Hal Klepak.

Mexico: democracy interrupted. By Jo Tuckman.

Civil society and the state in left-led Latin America: challenges and limitations to democratization. Edited by Barry Cannon and Peadar Kirby.