Book reviews

  • See also Malise Ruthven, Encounters with Islam: on religion, politics and modernity, pp. 515–6; Oz Hassan, Constructing America's freedom agenda for the Middle East: democracy or domination, pp. 553–4.

  • See also David H. Shinn and Joshua Eisenman, China and Africa: a century of engagement, pp. 543–4.


Books reviewed in this issue

International Relations theory

Special responsibilities: global problems and American power. By Mlada Bukovansky, Ian Clark, Robyn Eckersley, Richard Price, Christian Reus-Smit and Nicholas J. Wheeler.

The Routledge handbook of cosmopolitanism studies. Edited by Gerard Delanty.

Democracy prevention: the politics of the U.S.-Egyptian alliance. By Jason Brownlee.

Promoting authoritarianism abroad. By Rachel Vanderhill.

Dignity: its history and meaning. By Michael Rosen.

Russia and the West from Alexander to Putin: honor in International Relations. By Andrei P. Tsygankov.

Transformative political leadership: making the difference in the developing world. By Robert I. Rotberg.

International organization, law and ethics

International law and the classification of conflicts. Edited by Elizabeth Wilmshurst.

The law of non-international armed conflict. By Sandesh Sivakumaran.

The golden fleece: manipulation and independence in humanitarian action. Edited by Antonio Donini.

The moral target: aiming at right conduct in war and other conflicts. By F. M. Kamm.

Conflict, security and defence

Mullahs without mercy: human rights and nuclear weapons. By Geoffrey Robertson.

A nuclear weapons-free world: Britain, Trident and the challenges ahead. By Nick Ritchie.

Governance, civil society and cultural politics

Encounters with Islam: on religion, politics and modernity. By Malise Ruthven.

The significance of borders: why representative government and the rule of law require nation states. By Thierry Baudet.

An inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press: executive summary. By the Right Honourable Lord Justice Leveson.

Political economy, economics and development

East Asian capitalism: diversity, continuity, and change. Edited by Andrew Walter and Xiaoke Zhang.

Values in translation: human rights and the culture of the World Bank. By Galit A. Sarfaty.

What money can't buy: the moral limits of markets. By Michael Sandel.

Energy, environment and global health

Handbook of oil politics. Edited by Robert E. Looney.

The health of nations: towards a new political economy. By Gavin Mooney.

International history

The Spanish Holocaust: inquisition and extermination in twentieth-century Spain. By Paul Preston.

The war and its shadow: Spain's civil war in Europe's long twentieth century. By Helen Graham.

Britain and America after World War II: bilateral relations and the beginnings of the Cold War. By Richard Wevill.

Moscow, 1937. By Karl Schlögel.

Russia and Eurasia

Svidetel'stvo iz-za kulis rossiiskoi politiki. Soviet and post-Soviet politics and society, vol. 111. By Andrei A. Kovalev, with a foreword by Peter Reddaway.

Middle East and North Africa*

After the sheikhs: the coming collapse of the Gulf monarchies. By Christopher M. Davidson.

Syria: the fall of the House of Assad. By David W. Lesch.

Revolt in Syria: eye-witness to the uprising. By Stephen Starr.

After the spring: economic transitions in the Arab world. By Magdi Amin et al.

Politics and power in the Maghreb: Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco from independence to the Arab Spring. By Michael J. Willis.

Sub-Saharan Africa

China and Africa: a century of engagement. By David H. Shinn and Joshua Eisenman.

Getting Somalia wrong?: faith, war and hope in a shattered state. By Mary Harper.

Party politics and economic reform in Africa's democracies. By M. Anne Pitcher.

South Asia

Chinese and Indian strategic behavior: growing power and alarm. By George J. Gilboy and Eric Heginbotham.

East Asia and Pacific*

Going private in China: the politics of corporate restructuring and system reform. Edited by Jean C. Oi.

Handbook of China's governance and domestic politics. Edited by Chris Ogden.

North America

Limited achievements: Obama's foreign policy. By Zaki Laïdi.

American force: dangers, delusions, and dilemmas in national security. By Richard K. Betts.

Constructing America's freedom agenda for the Middle East: democracy or domination. By Oz Hassan.

Latin America and Caribbean

Fifty years of revolution: perspectives on Cuba, the United States, and the world. Edited by Soraya M. Castro Mariño and Ronald W. Pruessen.

Sun, sex, and socialism: Cuba in the German imaginary. By Jennifer Ruth Hosek.

Caviar with rum: Cuba-USSR and the post-Soviet experience. Edited by Jacqueline Loss and José Manuel Prieto.

The rise of post-hegemonic regionalism: the case of Latin America. Edited by Pía Riggirozzi and Diana Tussie.