Books reviewed in this issue

International Relations theory

The diffusion of power in global governance: international political economy meets Foucault. Edited by Stefano Guzzini and Iver B. Neumann.

Cosmopolitanism and International Relations theory. By Richard Beardsworth.

International organization, law and ethics

On complicity and compromise. By Chiara Lepora and R. E. Goodin.

Conflict, security and defence

Peace economics: a macroeconomic primer for violence-afflicted states. By Jurgen Brauer and J. Paul Dunne.

Just and unjust peace: an ethic of political reconciliation. By Daniel Philpott.

Conflict and health. Edited by Natasha Howard, Egbert Sondorp and Annemarie ter Veen.

Classified: secrecy and the state in modern Britain. By Christopher Moran.

Governance, civil society and cultural politics

Islamism and Islam. By Bassam Tibi.

The new religious intolerance: overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age. By Martha C. Nussbaum.

Political economy, economics and development*

Aiding and abetting: foreign aid failures and the 0.7% deception. By Jonathan Foreman.

Economics after the crisis: objectives and means. By Adair Turner.

China's superbank: debt, oil and influence—how China Development Bank is rewriting the rules of finance. By Henry Sanderson and Michael Forsythe.

The future of South-South economic relations. Edited by Adil Najam and Rachel Thrasher.

Energy, environment and global health*

Hunger in the balance: the new politics of international food aid. By Jennifer Clapp.

One billion hungry: can we feed the world? By Gordon Conway with Katy Wilson.

The World Health Organization between North and South. By Nitsan Chorev.

International history

From the ruins of empire: the revolt against the West and the remaking of Asia. By Pankaj Mishra.

Liberal internationalism: the interwar movement for peace in Britain. By Michael Pugh.

Hitlerland: American eyewitnesses to the Nazi rise to power. By Andrew Nagorski.

Americans all: Good Neighbor cultural diplomacy in World War II. By Darlene J. Sadlier.

Berlin on the brink: the blockade, the airlift, and the early Cold War. By Daniel F. Harrington.

Die UdSSR und die deutsche Frage 1941–1949. Dokumente aus russischen Archiven. Band 4: 18. Juni 1948 bis 5. November 1949. Edited by Jochen P. Laufer and Georgij P. Kynin.

Tombstone: the untold story of Mao's Great Famine. By Yang Jisheng.

The end and the beginning: the revolutions of 1989 and the resurgence of history. Edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu and Bogdan C. Iacob.


Making the European Monetary Union. By Harold James.

The Europeanization of national foreign policies towards Latin America. Edited by Lorena Ruano.

Russia and Eurasia

Mr Putin: operative in the Kremlin. By Fiona Hill and Clifford G. Gaddy.

Alexei Navalniy: ugroza zhulikov i vorov. By Konstantin Voronkov.

Gender, geography, and punishment: the experience of women in carceral Russia. By Judith Pallot and Laura Piacentini, with the assistance of Dominique Moran.

Chaos, violence, dynasty: politics and Islam in Central Asia. By Eric McGlinchey.

Middle East and North Africa

Libya: from colony to revolution. By Ronald Bruce St John.

Arab society in revolt: the West's Mediterranean challenge. Edited by Cesare Merlini and Olivier Roy.

The second Arab awakening: revolution, democracy, and the Islamist challenge from Tunis to Damascus. By Adeed Dawisha.

The violence of petro-dollar regimes: Algeria, Iraq and Libya. By Luis Martinez. Translated by Cynthia Schoch.

The last refuge: Yemen, Al-Qaeda, and the battle for Arabia. By Gregory D. Johnsen.

Hezbollah and Hamas: a comparative study. By Joshua L. Gleis and Benedetta Berti.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Why Africa is poor: and what Africans can do about it. By Greg Mills.

External mission: the ANC in exile 1960–1990. By Stephen Ellis.

Songs and secrets: South Africa from liberation to governance. By Barry Gilder.

Crisis in the Horn of Africa: politics, piracy and the threat of terror. By Peter Woodward.

South Asia

Pakistan: a new history. By Ian Talbot.

India today: economy, politics and society. By Stuart Corbridge, John Harriss and Craig Jeffrey.

East Asia and Pacific*

Tiger head, snake tails: China today, how it got there and where it is heading. By Jonathan Fenby.

China orders the world: normative soft power and foreign policy. Edited by William A. Callahan and Elena Barabantseva.

North America

Canada looks south: in search of an Americas policy. Edited by Peter McKenna.

Latin America and Caribbean

Power, institutions, and leadership in war and peace: lessons from Peru and Ecuador, 1995–1998. By David R. Mares and David Scott Palmer.