Books reviewed in this issue.

International Relations theory

Hedley Bull and the accommodation of power. By Robert Ayson.

The social evolution of international politics. By Shiping Tang.

Is God happy? Selected essays. By Leszek Kolakowski.

International organization, law and ethics*

‘Crimes against peace’ and international law. By Kirsten Sellars.

The international human rights movement: a history. By Aryeh Neier.

Life in crisis: the ethical journey of Doctors Without Borders. By Peter Redfield.

The terror courts: rough justice at Guantanamo Bay. By Jess Bravin.

The end of power: from boardrooms to battlefields and churches to states, why being in charge isn't what it used to be. By Moisés Naím.

Conflict, security and defence*

The thistle and the drone: how America's war on terror became a global war on tribal Islam. By Akbar Ahmed.

Investment in blood: the real cost of Britain's Afghan war. By Frank Ledwidge.

Confronting the bomb: Pakistani and Indian scientists speak out. Edited by Pervez Hoodbhoy.

The opportunity: next steps in reducing nuclear arms. By Steven Pifer and Michael E. O'Hanlon.

Terrorism: a philosophical enquiry. By Anne Schwenkenbecher.

The Routledge companion to UK counter-terrorism. Edited by Andrew Staniforth and Fraser Sampson.

Commercialising security in Europe: political consequences for peace operations. Edited by Anna Leander.

Political economy, economics and development; The locust and the bee: predators and creators in capitalism's future. By Geoff Mulgan.

Symbolic power in the World Trade Organization. By Matthew Eagleton-Pierce.

From miracle to maturity: the growth of the Korean economy. By Barry Eichengreen, Dwight H. Perkins and Kwanho Shin.

Energy, environment and global health

Land. By Derek Hall.

International history

The undivided past: history beyond our differences. By David Cannadine.

The emergence of international society in the 1920s. By Daniel Gorman.

Securing the world economy: the reinvention of the League of Nations, 1920–1946. By Patricia Clavin.

Stalin's curse: battling for communism in war and Cold War. By Robert Gellately.

In search of power: African Americans in the era of decolonization, 1956–1974. By Brenda Gayle Plummer.

Battleground Africa: Cold War in the Congo, 1960–1965. By Lise Namikas.


Shaping Europe: France, Germany, and embedded bilateralism from the Elysée Treaty to twenty-first century politics. By Ulrich Krotz and Joachim Schild.

The lost continent: the BBC's Europe editor on Europe's darkest hour since World War Two. By Gavin Hewitt.

Britain and the European Union. By Andrew Geddes.

EU climate policy: industry, policy interaction and external environment. By Elin Lerum Boasson and Jørgen Wettestad.

Russia and Eurasia*

Bear traps on Russia's road to modernization. By Clifford G. Gaddy and Barry W. Ickes.

Can Russia modernise?Sistema, power networks and informal governance. By Alena Ledeneva.

Russia, the near abroad and the West: lessons from the Moldova-Transdniestria conflict. By William H. Hill.

Middle East and North Africa

Of empires and citizens: pro-American democracy or no democracy at all? By Amaney A. Jamal.

The Six-Day War and Israeli self-defense: questioning the legal basis for preventive war. By John Quigley.

Sub-Saharan Africa*

The dying Sahara: US imperialism and terror in Africa. By Jeremy Keenan.

Mandela and Mbeki: the hero and the outsider. By Lucky Mathebe.

South Asia*

Pakistan: the garrison state: origins, evolution, consequences 1947–2011. By Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Samudra manthan: Sino-Indian rivalry in the Indo-Pacific. By C. Raja Mohan.

East Asia and Pacific

Nuclear North Korea: regional dynamics, failed policies, and ideas for ending a global stalemate. Edited by Su Hoon Lee.

3.11: disaster and change in Japan. By Richard J. Samuels.

North America*

Presidential leadership and the creation of the American era. By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Latin America and Caribbean

Criminal insurgencies in Mexico and the Americas: the gangs and cartels wage war. Edited by Robert J. Bunker.

Bolivia: processes of change. By John Crabtree and Ann Chaplin.

Mobilizing Bolivia's displaced: indigenous politics and the struggle over land. By Nicole Fabricant.

La cooperación Sur-Sur y triangular en América Latina: políticas afirmativas y prácticas transformadas. Edited by Bruno Ayllón and Tahina Ojeda.