Mega-projects as displacements


  • Paul K. Gellert,

    1. Paul Gellert is Assistant Professor in the Department of Rural Sociology and the Southeast Asia Programme at Cornell University. He has conducted research on the political economy and ecology of the Indonesian timber industry. His article “Renegotiating a Timber Commodity Chain: Lessons from Indonesia on the Political Construction of Global Commodity Chains” is forthcoming in Sociological Forum. Email:
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  • Barbara D. Lynch

    1. Barbara Lynch is Director of International Studies in Planning and Visiting Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University. She has studied the politics of water in Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, and assessed environmental programmes for USAID, IWMI, and the Ford Foundation. Recent publications include “Instituições internacionais para a proteçio ambiental”, A duração das ciudades sustentabilidade e risco nas políticas urbanas, (Henri Acselrad, ed.) 2001; “Development and risk” in International Political Economy of the Environment, (Dimitris Stevis and Valerie Assetto, eds.) 2001. Email:
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