Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Harvey, Anna L. Votes Without Leverage: Women in American Electoral Politics, 1920–1970

Alex-Assensoh, M. Neighborhoods, Family, and Political Behavior in Urban America

Canon, David T. Race, Redistricting, and Representation: The Unintended Consequences of Black Majority Districts

Gillman, Howard and Clayton, Cornell (eds.) The Supreme Court in American Politics: New Institutionalist Interpretations

Gullan, Harold I. The Upset That Wasn't: Harry S. Truman and the Crucial Election of 1948

Donaldson, Gary A. Truman Defeats Dewey

Benson, Bruce L. To Serve And Protect: Privatization and Community in Criminal Justice

Forst, Brian and Manning, Peter K. The Privatization of Policing: Two Views

Crammich, Clifford A., Jr. Local Baptists, Local Politics: Churches and Communities in the Middle and Uplands South

Weber, Ronald E. and Brace, Paul (eds.) American State and Local Politics: Directions for the 21st Century

Hall, John A. and Lindholm, Charles Is America Breaking Apart?

Uslaner, Eric M. The Movers and the Shirkers: Representatives and Ideologues in the Senate

Sanjek, Roger, The Future of Us All: Race and Neighborhood Politics in New York City

Stone, Clarence N. (ed.) Changing Urban Education

Zygmunt, Bauman In Search of Politics

Miller, David Principles of Social Justice

Cooper, Barry Eric Voegelin and the Foundations of Modern Political Science

Heilke, Thomas W. Eric Voegelin: In Quest of Reality

Nairn, Tom Faces of Nationalism: Janus Revisited

Blits, Jan H. The Insufficiency of Virtue: Macbeth and the Natural Order

Marso, Lori Jo (Un)Manly Citizens: Jean-Jacques Rousseau's and Germaine de Staël's Subversive Women

Sullivan, Denis J. and Abed-Kotob, Sana Islam in Contemporary Egypt: Civil Society vs. the State

Ruffin, M. Holt and Waugh, Daniel (eds.) Civil Society in Central Asia

Brudny, Yitzhak M. Reinventing Russia: Russian Nationalism and the Soviet State, 1953–1991

Evans, Geoffrey and Norris, Pippa (eds.) Critical Elections: British Parties and Voters in Long-Term Perspective

Lynch, Philip The Politics of Nationhood: Sovereignty, Britishness and Conservative Politics

Taylor, Peter Loyalists: War and Peace in Northern Ireland

Papayoanou, Paul A. Power Ties: Economic Interdependence, Balancing, and War

Wise, Carol (ed.) The Post-NAFTA Political Economy: Mexico and the Western Hemisphere

Mayer, Frederick W. Interpreting NAFTA: The Science and Art of Political Analysis

Rothstein, Robert L. (ed.) After the Peace: Resistance and Reconciliation

Haass, Richard N. (ed.) Transatlantic Tensions: The United States, Europe, and Problem Countries.

Moravcsik, Andrew The Choice for Europe

Weale, Albert and Nentwich, Michael (eds.) Political Theory and the European Union: Legitimacy, Constitutional Choice and Citizenship

Gerges, Fawaz A. America and Political Islam: Clash of Cultures or Clash of Interests?

Van Evera, Stephen Causes of War: Power and the Roots of Conflict

Garrison, Jean A. Games Advisors Play: Foreign Policy in the Nixon and Carter Administrations

Bertsch, Gary K., et al. (eds.) Engaging India: U.S. Strategic Relations with the World's Largest Democracy