Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Glenn, John K., IIIFraming Democracy: Civil Society and Civic Movements in Eastern Europe

Orenstein, Mitchell A.Out of the Red: Building Capitalism and Democracy in Postcommunist Europe

Levy, Daniel C. and Bruhn, Kathleen with Zebadúa, Emilio Mexico: The Struggle for Democratic Development

Huang, JingFactionalism in Chinese Communist Politics

Li, ChengChina’s Leaders

Skalnes, Lars S.Politics, Markets, and Grand Strategy: Foreign Economic Policies as Strategic Instruments

Przeworski, Adam; Alvarez, Michael E.; José Cheibub, Antonio and Limongi, FernandoDemocracy and Development: Political Institutions and Well-Being in the World, 1950–1990

Steinbruner, John D.Principles of Global Security

Rock, Stephen R.Appeasement in International Politics

Moruzzi, Norma Claire.Speaking through the Mask: Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Social Identity

Spinner-Halev, JeffSurviving Diversity: Religion and Democratic Citizenship

Owen, J. JuddReligion and the Demise of Liberal Rationalism: The Foundational Crisis of the Separation of Church and State

Barry, BrianCulture and Equality: An Egalitarian Critique of Multiculturalism

Newey, GlenAfter Politics: The Rejection of Politics in Contemporary Liberal Philosophy

Medvic, Stephen K.Political Consultants in U.S. Congressional Elections

Mayer, Kenneth R.With the Stroke of a Pen: Executive Orders and Presidential Power

Burbank, Matthew J.; Andranovich, Gregory D.; and Heying, Charles H. Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-Events on Local Politics

Pfiffner, James P. and Brook, Douglas A. (Eds.)The Future of Merit

Graber, Doris A.Processing Politics: Learning from Television in the Internet Age

Moe, TerrySchools, Vouchers, and the American Public

Carsey, Thomas M.Campaign Dynamics: The Race for Governor

Conley, Patricia HeidottingPresidential Mandates: How Elections Shape the National Agenda