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‘This is my EUtopia ...’: Narrative as Power


Kalypso Nicolaïdis European Studies Centre, St Antonys College, Oxford UKkalypso.nicolaidis@st– Robert Howse University of Michigan,


The original comparative mission of JCMS testifies to the propensity of the EU, since its inception, to project its model on to the rest of the world. This article argues that narratives of projection are indeed key to the EU’s global influence and that, in this particular sense, the idea of Europe as a civilian power is more relevant than ever. But such narratives require our engagement with their reflexive nature: what is usually projected is not the EU as is, but an EUtopia. At a time when both the EU and the international trade system are undergoing crises of legitimacy, EU actors can learn a lot from the remedies suggested for the global level by such an EUtopia.