clm12065-sup-0001- FigS1.docxWord document705KFigure S1. Geographical distribution of the CMI editorial board.
clm12065-sup-002-TablesS1-S6.docxWord document72KTable S1. The 40 ‘highly cited’ in microbiology. Table S2. Submissions and acceptances per country (January 2010 to 11 September 2012). Table S3. Comparison of the geographical origins of CMI submissions and publications with other journals production. Table S4. Ten most cited papers in 2012. Table S5. Ten most downloaded papers in 2012. Table S6. Themed sections published in 2012 and scheduled for 2013.
clm12065-sup-0003-DataS1.docxWord document26KData S1. Bibliography [21–89].

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