The physicochemical properties of yoghurt supplemented with microencapsulated peanut sprout extract, a possible functional ingredient


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This study was designed to determine the physicochemical and sensory properties of yoghurt supplemented with powdered peanut sprout extract microcapsules (PPSEM) (3–10 μm) during storage at 4 °C for 16 days. The releasing rates of the polyphenol, resveratrol, from yoghurts were minimised at lower concentrations of PPSEM (0.25 and 0.5%, w/v). The viscosity decreased gradually with higher concentrations of PPSEM added. In the sensory test, there were significant increases in yellowness, peanut and cooked scores (P < 0.05). Based on the results, it is concluded that the low concentrations (0.25 and 0.50%, w/v) could be used to produce PPSEM-supplemented yoghurt without significant adverse effects on the physicochemical and functional properties.