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Effect of nisin-producing Lactococcus lactis starter cultures on the inhibition of two pathogens in ripened cheeses


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The effect of Lactococcus lactis nisin-producing strains, isolated from Italian fermented foods, on the survival of two foodborne pathogens namely Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus was investigated in experimental cheese production. One of the three Lactobacillus lactis nisin innoculated as starters, Lactobacillus lactis 41FL1 lowered S. aureus count by 1.73 log colony-forming units (cfu)/g within the first 3 days, reaching the highest reduction, 3.54 log cfu/g, by the end of ripening period of 60 days. There was no effect on L. monocytogenes. The application of L. lactis 41FL1 as bioprotective culture in controlling S. aureus shows considerable promise.