• Ultrafiltration;
  • Retentate;
  • Textural attributes;
  • Whey syneresis;
  • Water-holding capacity;
  • Acetaldehyde

The quality of set mango yoghurt prepared by varying total milk solids (TMS) level in mango yoghurt mix, by adding 5× ultrafiltered cow skim milk retentate and cow milk cream, was investigated. The water-holding capacity (WHC) and values of textural attributes of mango yoghurt increased, whereas body and texture and overall acceptability scores decreased significantly (< 0.05) with increasing TMS level. The optimised product (10.2% TMS level) was compared with conventional mango yoghurt. Acetaldehyde concentration, WHC, values of textural attributes, body and texture, overall acceptability scores and pH were significantly (< 0.05) higher in optimised compared with conventional mango yoghurt.