Optimisation of a process for shelf-stable dietetic Chhana kheer and changes in physicochemical properties during storage



In the production of shelf-stable dietetic Chhana kheer, optimised levels of Chhana and artificial sweeteners were examined using a stationary retort. The product was characterised by short lag period for heating (jh) (0.78–1.03), small heating rate index (fh) (7.69–17.00 min) and short lag factor for cooling (jc) (0.76–1.06), implying convective heating regime. The total process time B was 19.13–32.98 min for corresponding process lethality values (Fo) of 4.56–25.50 min. Based on optimisation, processing of the dietetic Chhana kheer at 121.40 °C for 20 min was found to be the optimum. Optimised product was stable up to 90 days at 37 °C.