• Acid gel;
  • Cross-linking;
  • Enzymatic modification;
  • Transglutaminase;
  • Yoghurt

This study focused on the effects of transglutaminase (TGase), exopolysaccharide (EPS)-producing starter culture or skim milk powder addition on some properties of low-fat set yoghurt. The incorporation of TGase to yoghurt did not affect the acidity of the experimental samples. However, the proteolytic activity of the starter culture significantly decreased in TGase-treated yoghurt. Addition of TGase to yoghurt with a low dry matter content (11.08%) resulted in low serum separation and gel firmness and viscosity close to those of yoghurt with a higher dry matter content (14.81%). According to the sensory results, it would be possible to produce an acceptable product with a low dry matter and low fat content using TGase. The results shown that the use of EPS-producing starter cultures for the purpose of improving the texture properties of low dry matter content yoghurt could not be recommended.