Table S1. International Classification of Diseases (ICD–9 and ICD–10), the Canadian Classification of Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Surgical Procedures (CCP), and the Canadian Classification of Interventions (CCI) diagnosis/procedure codes used in the study.

Table S2. Temporal trends in atonic postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and non-atonic PPH per 100 deliveries, and in PPH with blood transfusion (by subtype) per 10 000 deliveries in British Columbia, Canada, 2001–2009.

Table S3. Proportion of deliveries with any postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) subtype receiving a blood transfusion in British Columbia, Canada, 2001–2009.

Table S4. Odds ratio for temporal increase in atonic postpartum hemorrhage with blood transfusion (2009 versus 2001), adjusted for determinants of postpartum hemorrhage added incrementally to the model.

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