Figure S1. Thrombosed large vascular structures and the smaller feeding artery.

Figure S2. Collapsed vessels are casted (H&E stain, original magnification × 200).

Figure S3. The vascular smooth mussels (immunohistochemical stain for smooth muscle actin [SMA] clone1A4-DAKO; original magnification × 200).

Figure S4. Endothelial cells are displayed (immunohistochemical stain for CD31, endothelial Cells, Clone JC70A-DAKO; original magnification × 200).

Figure S5. The documentation of nonlymphatic origin of the large vascular structures is depicted (immunohistochemical stain for D2-40-DAKO); original magnification × 200).

Figure S6. Peripheral nerve bundles are revealed (immunohistochemical stain for S-100, original magnification × 100).

Figure S7. The G-spot's nerve-ganglion is revealed (haematoxylin & eosin stain; original magnification × 200).

bjo12707-sup-0002-DataS1.pptapplication/ppt5059KData S1. Powerpoint slides summarising the study.

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