Shark and ray teeth from the Hauterivian (Lower Cretaceous) of north-east England



Sampling of hiatal horizons within the Hauterivian part of the Speeton Clay Formation of north-east England has produced teeth of several species of sharks and rays, four of which are previously unnamed. One species of shark, Cretorectolobus doylei sp. nov., and two species of rays, Spathobatis rugosus sp. nov. and Dasyatis speetonensis sp. nov., are named, whilst the presence of an indeterminate triakid shark is also noted. Synechodus dubrisiensis (Mackie) is shown to be a senior synonym of S. michaeli Thies. Although the dasyatid ray and triakid shark are by far the oldest representatives of their respective families, the overall composition of the fauna is considered to resemble more closely assemblages known from the Jurassic than those from upper parts of the Cretaceous.