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Table S1: Expanded Version of Table 1 (Assessing Whether Patient Covariates and Outcomes Vary Significantly across Hospitals).

Table S2: Expanded Version of Table 2 (Understanding an Individual Hospital's Outcomes).

Table S3: Description of the Template Sample.

Table S4: Definitions of Index Surgical Populations and Hospitals.

Table S5: Description of Matching Algorithm.

Table S6: Description of Predicted Procedure Time Algorithm. (a) Models Created to Predict Procedure Time. (b) Estimates, in Minutes, for All ICD-9-CM Principal Procedure-Secondary Procedure Interactions.

Table S7: Description of Procedure Group-specific Models to Predict Thirty day Mortality.

Table S8: Definitions of ICD-9-CM Procedure Groups and Clusters.

Table S9: Definitions and Groupings of ICD-9-CM Secondary Procedures.

Table S10: Sensitivity Analysis.

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hesr12156-sup-0003-Author-Matrix.pdfPDF document672KAppendix SA1: Author Matrix.

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