hesr12194-sup-0001-AuthorMatrix.pdfapplication/PDF701KAppendix SA1: Author Matrix.
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Appendix SA2: Claims Codes for Procedures and Diagnoses Assessed as Predictors of Abnormal Mammography.

Appendix SA3: Frequency and Timing of Breast-Related Medicare Claims after Screening Mammography by Normal versus Abnormal Reference Standard Classification.

Appendix SA4: Sensitivity and Specificity of Claims-Based Measures of Abnormal Mammography Interpretation Stratified by Patient Age and Racial/Ethnic Sub Groups and Facility Characteristics Evaluated in the Validation Half-Sample.

Appendix SA5: Plot of Radiologist Recall Rates Estimated Based on the Presence of Any Medicare Claims for Breast-Related Procedures in Ninety Days after the Mammogram (Left) or the Medicare Claims-Based CART (Right) versus Recall Rates Estimated Using Clinical Data from the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC) on Abnormal Mammography. Point Estimates and 95 percent Confidence Intervals Are Plotted for Each Radiologist.

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