I'd like to open Volume 12 of Political Studies Review by thanking the team of Associate Editors at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, as well as Alex Windsor and Rene Bailey, for their excellent work and collective input over the past twelve months. All articles submitted to Political Studies Review are subject to a rigorous process of peer review, and so I would also like to thank our many reviewers, as well as, of course, the submitting authors. Thanks are likewise due to those who have written book reviews, which remain an important part of the journal's identity, and which provide an excellent service to the profession.

When we took on the journal in 2011 the Nottingham team set out to develop Political Studies Review into a reviews journal in the fullest sense, and one of our objectives has been to lead the debate by soliciting review articles and symposia that respond to the many rapidly changing events that increasingly colour political life in our times. Building on this, I'm pleased to see that the first issue of Volume 12 is centred around a symposium on the impact of progressivism in British politics, organised by Emily Robinson. We also anticipate publishing a symposium on the politics of austerity in the European Union in the next issue.

This editorial strategy has been vindicated with the announcement of the ISI/Thomson Reuters Impact Factors in June 2013. I'm very pleased to be able to report that the impact factor for Political Studies Review rose from 0.528 to 1.286, which represents a percentage increase of 143.6%. This also translates into an increase in the political science journals ranking, from 84/148 in 2011 to 37/157 in 2012.

This remarkable achievement reinforces the growing prestige of Political Studies Review, and the journal's increased standing as a leading forum for scholarly discussions of a wide range of topics in political science. Overall, we welcome unsolicited manuscripts from any part of our diverse discipline, and we hope that you will continue to be involved as readers, as authors and as reviewers.